170217_station.sp.bw_11693 Looking inward. Questions. There’s a mountain of them. Work. Love. Where are we headed?

161126_mannight.blur_0209 It’s all darkness now. The united states aren’t united anymore. A form of madness is spreading. Up is down, black is white. Europe seems to be spinning. People looking for answers in the sewers of racism, protectionism, nationalism, almost any ‘ism’ will do. Seems people just want to be brutalised, treated like trash. Forecast. Looks like rain.


170203_gare.kids_021562 Glass tables. Stools. All fixed with screws into the cement at the Gare St. Roch in Montpellier, France. This ‘stage’ has become a favorite of mine as I pass through the train station often.

People wait here for trains, friends, and to just plain rest. You can eat here to recharge yourself, recharge your phones, computers, tablets. It’s a scene that changes moment to moment. The cast is always new. Light is often brightly back lit as I shoot from within the station outward. The silhouettes that are often created are a fitting symbol for the shadow like human presence, the coming and going, that seems to never stop revolving.

Miami Beach Pool Story

One of the last photos I took of the pool behind the building my parents used to live in. Since the summer of 2014 I’ve taken photos of the pool every time I was there. Mostly night shots. Some daytime. But I liked the way it was lit and the reflections and the feel of the night photos.

It was good to sit on the lounge chairs around the pool at night. Some much needed rest from days at the hospital. Watching the palm trees, the clouds. Listening to the waves on the beach. Memories washing over me from the ‘good’ days.

Pool at Night

Morris Taub: Recent &emdash; 151026_poolone.11.15_016405

Morris Taub: Recent &emdash; 151102_pooltwo.11.15_016554
Miami Beach, Florida October 2015. It has become the norm. Going down to Miami to help my aging mother. It’s about every four to five months now a visit for several weeks. After dinner I go down to the restaurant and have a glass of malbec. Then I sit on a lounge chair beside the pool. Often I take photos. Some intentionally blurred. Some not. It feels good to be out there in the warm air under the night sky. I remember my father used to swim in that pool years ago. My mother too. I fall asleep looking up at the sky, the stars, the clouds, the dark. Falling asleep there feels good. I take my photos. Sometimes just one or two, sometimes twenty or more. Some nights I just go out there and don’t take any photos. It is good to be there for a short time. Images in my head about the past. Imagining the future. Enjoying that present. I head upstairs and go to sleep.